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1. Serum Ledger (A web application to make Blood/Plasma donations in efficient way).

Equipped with a Browser Extension
Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Emergency-Blood-Plasma-Notification-System

Serum Ledger

addon stats Notification System demonstration

About this Project

  • An always on extension that detects live location (Latitude, Longitude) reverse geocodes it and notifies if there are any acceptors and donors in vicinity with measured accuracy.

2. Anti-Phishing solution using Machine Learning (Web-Application).

Total URLs checked: 44520 till 12/03/2020, 22:56:44
Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Malicious-URL-v5-IBM

About this Project

  • Revamped Malicious URL Detector, that increased its accuracy by 25% and has enabled Continuous Delivery and a Toolchain which can be used to automate builds, tests, deployments. Django REST framework is used here that uses a REST API call.
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3. A.I. Powered Safe Browsing Extension (Chromium and Firefox based)

Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/ChromeExtension-Malicious-URL-v5-IBM
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Download link for Chromium-based extension:
addon stats Firefox addon statistics
(live deployed through Firefox browser addons)


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About this Project

  • Implemented through REST APIs and JavaScript.

    โ—  Always-on detection system (Browser Extension) to provide protection within limited internet connectivity restricted networks, or while connected to a risky WIFI network.
    โ—  Option to share generated Blacklist Database to organisationโ€™s administration to block sites from blacklisted registrars, emails, domains for enhanced security.
    โ—  Web Browser extension that consumes very little data and is extremely fast.
    โ—  Machine Learning backend based on dynamic features like WHOIS, ALEXA RANK to predict safety status of a URL.
    โ—  Django REST API that is linked to machine learning model through an endpoint of web application.
    โ—  Though the Chrome browser enables safe browsing by default but that is not sufficient against exponentially growing phishing sites. It is proved that this Extension is efficient than Google safe browsing. Being prepared with Safe Browsing Extension can help world deal with cybercriminals better.


Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Assignment
Detailed Github Readme :https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Assignment/blob/master/README.md

About this Project

  • Business cases supported by REST APIs:

    โ—  An endpoint to book a ticket using a userโ€™s name, phone number, and timings.
    โ—  An endpoint to update a ticket timing.
    โ—  An endpoint to view all the tickets for a particular time.
    โ—  An endpoint to delete a particular ticket.
    โ—  An endpoint to view the userโ€™s details based on the ticket id.
    โ—  Mark a ticket as expired if there is a difference of 8 hours between the ticket timing and current time.
    โ—  All the tickets which are expired automatically deleted.
    โ—  For a particular timing, a maximum of 20 tickets can be booked.
    โ—  REST paradigm implemented.
    โ—  SQLite database used.
    โ—  POSTMAN snaps of all APIs attached in README.

5. Autonomous Indoor Drone.

Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/ADR

About this Project

  • An Autonomous drone that scans and analyzes the environment, computes information about open paths on the track through which it passes Autonomously.
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6. Classify species of monkeys using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network)

Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Deep-Learning-Image-Classification

About this Project

  • A Deep Learning Classifier to classify various species of Monkeys. ResNet architecture is used here as it tackles the degradation problem most common in deep networks, where the model accuracy gets saturated and then degrades rapidly. Confusion Matrix : The diagonal elements represent the number of images for which the predicted label is equal to the true label, while off-diagonal elements are those that are mislabeled by the classifier.

7. Malicious URL Detector Application

Application URL : https://malicious-url-detectorv5.herokuapp.com/
Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Malicious-Urlv5

About this application

  • A tool that detects whether URL is legitimate or malicious using machine learning. Integrated with Google Chrome Extension to detect whether the page is safe or not. Implemented with an API that returns status of safe or unsafe site.

About this application

  • Detects stance for controversial topic "Gun-laws" in USA, using Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models. It prompts for a tweet from a user and returns appropriate stance, along with detailed Data Analysis.

9. YouTube Content Analysis Application

Application URL : https://youtube-content-analysis.herokuapp.com/
Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Youtube-Content_analysis

About this application

  • This is a YouTube Content Analysis application that prompts for a YouTube video URL and returns live content analysis of that respective like number of hate speech or offensive language used in that video.

10. Amazon's Product Case Study using NLP

Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/amazon-live-analysis
Google Drive Link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wd2I9wk6ELjEWgorBDBmnONkX4S8KDuK

About this project

This Project answers following questions using Data Science and Machine Learning on webscrapped Amazon reviews.
  • 1. What is the general sentiment of buyers in regards to the JBL Speaker?
  • 2. What is the underlying emotion that reviewers display in regards to JBL and the product in question?
  • 3. What are the key themes that customers talk about in their reviews and what themes can be considered as parameters of success or failure?
  • 4. What is the individual sentiment towards each of these key parameters?
  • 5. What are the most frequently used negative keywords in order to gauge the key areas of improvement?

Automated Version

11. Reddit Flair Detector Application

Application URL : https://reddit-realtime-analysis.herokuapp.com/
Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Reddit-Flair-Detector-Application
Link to Detailed Data Analysis in Web-Application is : https://reddit-realtime-analysis.herokuapp.com/dataanalysis

About this application

  • It is a Reddit Flair Detector that takes a dynamic website as an input and predicts 'flair' for the given URL based upon its title, top comments of other users and URL based upon a trained machine learning model.

12. Being an Independent Data Scientist

Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Becoming-an-Independent-Data-Scientist

About this Project

  • Working on a data-set of past 10 years for minimum, maximum temperatures and data-set for rainfall to study average rainfall patterns and their dependence on minimum and maximum temperatures in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

13. Voice Assistant Windows Application

Github Repository URL : https://github.com/abhisheksaxena1998/Voice-Assistant-Windows-application-
Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rh-TRjJh3g

About this Project

  • A voice assistant based on python; it performs tasks using commands user give through voice. It can automate tasks and in the end of the day can save your keystrokes as well as your time.